• 8 February 2017

The Centre’s online journal British Art Studies is now included in the Directory of Open Access Journals, and has been awarded DoAJ's prestigious Seal for its commitment to ensuring best practice in the journal’s management. Being indexed in DoAJ means that the journal has passed up to four stages of independent and objective review. Further to this, being awarded the Seal means that the journal adheres to highest possible standards in its working practices: its policies toward accessibility, openness, discoverability, reuse and author rights are considered exemplary.

To receive the Seal, the journal must comply with the following 7 conditions:

  • use DOIs as permanent identifiers;
  • provide index services with article metadata;
  • deposit content with a long term digital preservation or archiving program;
  • embeds machine-readable licensing information in articles;
  • allows generous reuse and mixing of content, in accordance with a Creative Commons license;
  • have a deposit policy registered wíth a deposit policy registry;
  • allow the author to hold the copyright without restrictions.

Very few open access journals in the field have achieved this marker of quality, so we are thrilled that the work of the British Art Studies Editorial Team has been recognised in this way. We are committed to maintaining the high level of service we offer to authors and will endeavour to meet other challenges as they present themselves.

About the author

  • Digital Lead at the Paul Mellon Centre