London, Asia, Art, Worlds conference

London, Asia, Art, Worlds is a multi-part programme of online events taking place in May and June 2021. It is envisioned as a murmuration, a series of interconnected papers, conversations, performances, and interventions. This event is part of the Paul Mellon Centre’s London, Asia project. The programme is structured around the following propositions for consideration: Sociality and Affect; Potential Histories and Solidarities; Circulation and Encounter; Pedagogy and Learning; Bureaucracy and Agency; Aesthetics and Ways of Knowing; Thinking Asia Through Empire; Thinking from Asia.


Sociality & Affect

Papers from Leela Gandhi, Simone Wille, and Greg Salter.

Potential Histories & Solidarities

Discussion between Omar Kholeif and Michael Rakowitz, with papers by David Morris and Maryam Ohadi-Hamadani.

Circulation & Encounter

Papers by Hew Locks, Tim Barringer, Michelle Wong, and Sophia Balagamwala.

Pedagogy & Learning

Papers from Aziz Sohail, Charmaine Toh, and Chanon Kenji Praepipatmongkol.

Bureaucracy & Agency

Papers from Karin Zitzewitz, Zainub Verjee, Aparna Kumar, and Sanjukta Sunderason.

Aesthetics & Ways of Knowing

Papers by Dorothy Price, Shigemi Inaga, Sadia Shirazi, Elena Crippa, and Eva Bentcheva.

Thinking Through Empire

Papers from Rana Mitter, Dipti Khera, Toshio Watanabe, Gemma Sharpe, and Wenny Teo.

Thinking from Asia

Papers from Yeewan Koon, Patrick Flores, Amrita Dhallu, Farida Batool, Sehr Jalil, Stephanie Bailey, and John Tain.

Spell, a performance by Sam Reynolds

Performance by Sam Reynolds.